Top 20 songs of the Twilight Saga soundtrack

Now this is my favourite thing about Twilight; the soundtrack.

The music really is excellent so I decided to compile a playlist of my top twenty songs. It's in order from the Twilight soundtrack to the more recent Eclipse soundtrack, no particular ranking order

1. Spotlight - Mute Math
Twilight Soundtrack
"You know the one thing you’re fighting to hold
Will be the one thing you’ve got to let go"
Such a catchy upbeat song.

2. I Caught Myself - Paramore
Twilight Soundtrack
"Don't know what I want
But I know it's not you
Keep pushing and pulling me down
But I know in my heart it's not you"
The progression in my song is awesome. She acknowledges in the beginning that she doesn't know what she wants, but then admits that deep down she knows it's not him, despite her desires.

3. Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation
Twilight Soundtrack
"Shuffling the cards of your game
And just in time, in the right place
Suddenly I will play my Ace."
Really haunting melody and vocals.

4. Never Think - Robert Pattinson
Twilight Soundtrack
"I ain't got no fight in me
In this whole damn world
To tell you to hold off"
"Girl, save your soul
Go on save your soul...
'Cause without me
You've got it all"
Ah Patty. I actually enjoy his guitar playing and mumbled vocals. The mumbling makes them more tender and heartfelt. And I love the lyrics, as y'all can see.

5. Friends - Band Of Skulls
New Moon Soundtrack
"I need love
Cause only love is true
I need every wakin' hour with you"
Ah such a catchy song, quite cheeky in fact.

6. Hearing Damage - Thom Yorke
New Moon Soundtrack
"They say you're getting better
But you don't feel any better
...But at least
You can do no wrong
In my eyes"
Edgy synth rocks.

7. Possibility - Lykke Li
New Moon Soundtrack
"So tell me when you hear my heart stop
You're the only one that knows
Tell me when you hear my silence
There's a possibility I wouldn't know"
The simplicity in this song absolutely tears at your heart.

8. A White Demon Love Song - The Killers
New Moon Soundtrack
"He isn't coming after all
Love this time
She likes the way he sings
White demon love songs in her dreams"
The intro is my favourite with the magical sounds. The quote I have put above, to me, refers to "he" (Edward) not coming back to her, and how she dreams about the "white demon's"(vampire's) love songs and sweet nothings. Perceptive, I know.

9. Satellite Heart - Anya Marina
New Moon Soundtrack
"I'm a satellite heart
Lost in the dark
I'm spun out so far
You stop I start
But I'll be true to you."
Another simple song that works really well. Love the guitar melody and Anya's voice.

10. Roslyn - Bon Iver
New Moon Soundtrack
"Up with your turret
Aren't we just terrified?
Shale, screen your worry from what you won't ever find."
This song makes you feel so vulnerable and so at peace at the same time.

11. Monsters - Hurricane Bells
New Moon Soundtrack
"Deep into the darkness where I hide
The monsters are buried down deep inside
You never know when they're satisfied."
This is another catchy, happy little song. Was singing it for days after watching New Moon.

12. The Violet Hour - Sea Wolf
New Moon Soundtrack
"Your lips are nettles
Your tongue is wine
Your laughter's liquid
But your body's pine
You love all sailors
But hate the beach
You say 'Come touch me'
But you're always out of reach"
I adore the imagery in this song. Look up the full lyrics to see what I mean.

13. Thunderclap - Eskimo Joe
New Moon Soundtrack
"Call the sunshine to my soul
I'm just an empty boy
Whose soul's growing cold
So bring your love light to my door."
His voice sends thrills down my spine! And this song is so uplifting.

14. Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever) - Muse
Eclipse Soundtrack
"I was searching
You were on a mission
Then our hearts combined
Like a neutron star collision."
For me, this is my favourite Muse song on all the Twilight Saga soundtrack CDs. Simple, compelling, fantastic.

15. Ours - The Bravery
Eclipse Soundtrack
"After tonight
This will be a lifetime ago
So let's stay up until the sky bleeds red."
"This time is ours
If I could hold this moment in my hands
I'd stop the world from moving
I'd stop the clocks from turning."
Maybe I'm predisposed...eeep...because I love The Bravery. Great song, especially for graduations.

16. Heavy In Your Arms - Florence And The Machine
Eclipse Soundtrack
"This will be my last confession
'I love you' never felt like any blessing"
"I was a heavy heart to carry
But he never let me down
When he had me in his arms
My feet never touched the ground"
Again, a favourite artist of mine. I love how she plays on the concept of a "heavy" heart.

17. My Love - Sia
Eclipse Soundtrack
"My love, leave yourself behind
Beat inside me, leave you blind
My heart, you have found peace
You were searching for relief"
"Now I am strong
You gave me all
You gave all you had and now I am whole"
Heart-wrenching song. Sia's delicate voice is perfect for this.

18. Chop And Change - The Black Keys
"She found no love in this town
So she'd never mess around
Had no luck, but ain't it strange
The girl knew how to chop and change."
Such an urban-vibe this song brings through. Caught myself singing to it many times!

19. Let's Get Lost - Bat For Lashes and Beck
"Touch me I'm cold, unable to control
Touch me I'm golden and wild as the wind blows
And tumbling tumbling, don't go fascination."
These girls have incredible voices! Appropriate sexytime-music for E + B.

20. What Part Of Forever - Cee Lo Green
"If I had a heart heart heart
And we could go go go
And never look back on now
I’d give it to you you you
If I had a heart heart heart."
His voice is so lovely! Darn these males with their alluring voices. This song could chill anyone out.


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